泡沫雕刻机 | 2021-01-01


Worry.担忧。As Dushka Zapata says, worry is a useless emotion.如同萨帕塔常说,担忧是不必要的情绪。It does nothing but stress you out, and I hate that, so I hide from it.它起无法一切具有不可以使你倍感绷紧,我喜欢担忧,因此 这是我最要想避开的。

Why hasn’t Mom texted you back by now?为何母亲迄今还没有回你短消息?A million morbid images spill through my brain. What if she collapsed somewhere? What if she needs my help? What if she’s been attacked by someone?不计其数张恐怖情景穿越重生我的脑壳。假如她某点倒下了该怎么办?假如她务必我的帮助该怎么办?假如她被某一人进攻了该怎么办?She’s fine, I assure myself.她非常好,我反复对他说自身。


More awful situations fill my head. Then she texts, I’m by the door.然后,更为多很差的情景经常会出现在我的脑海中里。以后她返我短消息:“我还在大门口。”I breathe a sigh of relief.我叹出一口气。

Fear.躁动不安。Fear of losing the imperative people of my life, who truly matter to me.畏惧丧失生命中这些一件事很最重要的人。

Ive already lost some of my dear ones in an abrupt manner. I dont have more mettle to bear losing someone again. Many times, I try to overlook it, but sometimes, my hands become moist if I hear about someones death.我早就因为突然的缘故丧失了一部分最爱的人。我没法再行承担丧失别的家人。很数次我尝试去忽略它,可是有时候当我听见洱海的某一家人的噩耗时我的整两手都湿透。


I don’t really hide from my emotions. I acknowledge that I feel them, but I don’t like feeling them. I know that emotions affect my ability to process information and make a logical decisions, and I don’t like this. I severely crush strong emotions that and hope they don’t come out again.我从不避开自身的情绪。我否定我能感受到我的情绪,但我并不反感觉得他们。

我告诉情绪不容易危害我的处理信息内容并作出有逻辑的规定的工作能力,因此 我不会反感那样。我能抵触地抗拒自身的情绪,期待他们会经常会出现。

But if I had to choose an emotion, I guess it’d have to be anger. Anger makes you do the stupidest things that you don’t mean. I try very hard to curb my anger, and I try very hard to hold the furious words in. I try to wait until the feelings pass before talking about what the problem was.但假如要选一个情绪,我强调理应是气愤吧。气愤能够使你做出一些你并努力做到的傻事。